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Video Gallery

Please enjoy watching some of our performances!

"All that Latin Jazz"

Dianamite and Ascension Teams with Guest dancer Naoko Yamamoto

Genre: Latin Jazz

Inspired by Chicago Musical / Remixed by Dianamite

Main costume by Tomoko Morikawa.

LA Salsa Congress

Latin Jazz Dianamite Ladies Shine Team

from Tokyo / California

Genre: Salsa / Latin Jazz

Note: This routine we won 1st place at Casino's Japan Cup 2009. It is still one of the most memorable pieces I have created.  Costumes by Kike and Anthony.

Club Diana Event

Latin Dianamite Team

Genre: Salsa

Dancers: Yuko, Ai, Yayoi, Emi, Diana

Note: This routine we won 2nd place at Casino's Japan Cup 2011. This song has such a raw, traditional, and rhythmic feel that I wanted to make this really sassy, classy, and Latin. Costumes by Kike.

Dianamite de Bachaton

Dianamite at the Bachata Festival

Genre:  Bachata / Reggaeton / Latin Jazz

Note: It is really challenging to make an all ladies Bachata shine routine, so I mixed a bit of reggaeton in it.  Dianamite likes to sometimes do something different than salsa because it is more relaxed and free!

Costumes by Kike Yamakawa.

"What a Difference a Day Made"

song by Tito Puente and La India

Latin Jazz Dianamite Team performing at Junior and Emily's Special Party by Casino

Costumes by Kike and Anthony.

Lady Organika at Club Diana

Lady Organika performing MJ Tribute. Dancers: Diana, Kumiko, Naoko

Note: I worked with an amazing designer for this costume. Thank you Anthony for your soul, eye, and flavor! On another interesting note, all of the three dancers including me, are now teaching yoga :) Namaste!


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